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Yellow Lupin

Not long after moving into our rental property, I noticed this lovely looking plant growing on the front footpath. My inquiries about the plant to our landlord had him declaring the plant was a ‘weed’ and I was not to bring it onto the property. Not happy with the landlords declaration and a certainty that I’d seen it or something similar somewhere before, I continued to research. My persistence paid off and I discovered it was a Yellow Lupin a plant that not only is beautiful with it’s unusually shaped leaves and bright yellow flowers but also has multiple functions making it extremely useful to have in the garden.

Watching the plant growing out the front ensured me that it was likely to dry in my area for the Yellow Lupin to become a weed issue, so when the seeds dried for the second time I dutifully collected them to plant among my citrus guild. The quick growing Yellow Lupin, created shelter for some of the herbaceous plants in the guild while also fixing nitrogen, attracting pollinators and withstanding being used as a chop and drop crop for mulching within the guild.

Beyond the uses within the citrus guild, this plant is another my girls love, the gorgeous yellow flowers and finger like leaves lend themselves to many nature art creations, including their natural mandala creations, mud-cake decorations, flower arrangements and nature collages and the leaves make great patterns for leaf rubbing or painting, This nature play in which the girls make various creations from things they find in the garden really encourages them to “Observe and interact”, they begin to see patterns in nature, learn about the various plants they are using and most importantly get a chance to connect with the natural world.