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Lemon Myrtle Plant Profile

Often considered the ‘Queen of lemon herbs’ the Lemon Myrtle has to be one of my all time favorite native Australian trees and one of the first plants I brought for my garden.

When not domesticated the Lemon Myrtle can grow to the size of a medium tree but easily takes to being pruned to retain a shrub like shape and size and will survive as a pot plant for those on the move. The divine lemon citrus smell lends itself to so many uses from flavoring food and drinks to scenting cosmetic products such as soap and moisturizers along with things like potpourri and candles.

I often wander around the garden with a leaf in my hand breathing in the scent I find calming. The tree is one of the first I share with visitors to my garden and I have spent many afternoons in the garden drinking tea made of freshly picked Lemon Myrtle leaves and honey from our bee hives with family and friends. It’s not just a favorite of the adults in my life, the children prize it as one of their go too plants when making potions, looking for a plant to scent their bathwater or simply collecting flowers for an arrangement.

Planting Lemon Myrtle near the kitchen allows for easily access for a quick cup of tea or some last minute flavoring. Lemon Myrtle also makes a good canopy plant in a forest garden or can be hedged for a screen or living fence.