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Cranberry Hibiscus

Chosen for its multiple functions, Cranberry Hibiscus is a striking plant with it’s maroon leaves and pretty pale pink flowers, that while smaller then your average hibiscus flower retain the typical hibiscus look. Besides their aesthetic qualities, Cranberry Hibiscus creates a lovely natural die for food, drinks and textiles.

Our cranberry hibiscus is often used by my girls as a way of adding color to their potions, for decoration on mud-cakes created in the mud kitchen and in the creation on natural mandala’s which is something they love to do. For this reason in our garden this plant is positioned close by the girls ‘garden’ enabling them easy access to the plants. After the recent rainfall we’ve received, numerous Cranberry Hibiscus have volunteered after self seeding, ensuring this is a plant we won’t be short of for a while.