About Kat

Hi, I’m Kat Swan

I’m an unschooling, permaculturist, nature loving mum to 6 amazing kids. Inspired by my upbringing of producing food in both urban and rural environments, and the simple living modeled by my grandparents, I envision a similar life for myself and my family.

I found unschooling about 9 years ago when we started home educating, and our intention of  doing ‘school work’ went out the window in the tears of my children. We quickly moved in the direction of unschooling. Unschooling meant my children and I could follow our varied interests, the goal was more about creating connected relationships and a love of learning rather than specific academic goals. through unschooling I rediscovered my own love of learning.

In my quest to model a life full of learning and curiosity to my unschooled children I found permaculture about 6 years ago and given my upbringing it’s no wonder it felt like a perfect fit. A return to the simple life, it incorporated so much that I hold dear and much of what I was already doing in my life, connecting with nature and living in ways that value the environment and ourselves, producing food, caring for the people around me and so much more.  I have continually looked for ways to live by the ethics of permaculture and as much as possible incorporate the principles into our lives.

I look forward to sharing my continued journey of finding ways to live in more earth and soul loving ways.